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Clothes & Food for Homeless

On the 20th December (Friday) from 7.30pm-11.00pm on a cold winter's night college students, canteen staff and a teacher walked around the streets of Dublin City Centre giving out the donated clothes and food. Everyone involved showed great respect and kindness towards the homeless. 

Volunteers included: Vanessa Lynch (Sports), Martin Hoey (Social Care), Luke Keely (Sports), James Skilton (Sports), John McLoughlin (Sports), Michele o' Brien (Healthcare), Sharon McLoughlin (Healthcare), Amy Kelly (Healthcare), Yvonne Keogh (Healthcare), Ger O' Donnell, (Canteen Staff), Barbara Clarke (Canteen Staff), Breda Duane (Canteen Staff),  Ango (Vanessa's friend), Gerry (Dominick Streeet Community Centre) and  Lisa McKee (Colaiste Ide Teacher)

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