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Colaiste Ide College of Further Education

Course Charges 2023/2024

All our programmes are funded under the National Development Plan and therefore there are no programme fees. However, students are liable for the payment of a college charge. This covers the costs of student services, all examination and certification fees and charges for membership of professional bodies where applicable. 

Examination and Certification costs vary from programme to programme. Fees payable to professional bodies are subject to alteration or increase. These changes are outside of our control and students will be advised as soon as the information is available. 

Non EU Nationals are charged fees as set by the Department of Education and Science (click here to view non EU charges) in addition to the programme charges. 

Details are available from the college. Students are expected to bear the cost of their own textbooks and class materials.

A €50 deposit is required on acceptance of a place in the college for level 5, €100 is required for level 6. All deposit fees are non-refundable. Balance of charges is due for payment before registration.

College Charges


School of Art and Beauty
Code Course Deposit Registration Total
2111 Art College Preparation Portfolio €50 €246 €296
2211 Fashion Design Portfolio Preparation €50 €244 €294
8611 Beauty Therapy – ITEC Beauty Specialist Award €50 €374 €424
School of Business and Tourism
Code Course Deposit Registration Total
3111 Accounting Technician Ireland – First Year €50 €864 €914
3121 Accounting Technician Ireland – Second Year €50 €794 €844
PAT111 Pre-Apprenticeship Accounting Technician (Business Studies) €50 €171 €221
3411 Business Studies, Marketing and Human Resources €50 €144 €194
3511 Office Admin with Reception Skills €50 €144 €194
8311 Tourism, Travel, Airline Studies and Cabin Crew €50 €444 €494
4611 Horticulture €50 €524 €574
School of Computing and Technology
Code Course Deposit Registration Total
5411 Computer Systems and Networks with Cyber Security €50 €409 €459
2311 Game Design and Development €50 €194 €244
School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality
Code Course Deposit Registration Total
8411 Culinary Arts (Professional Cookery Level 5) €50 €194 €244
8421 Level 6 Professional Cookery €50 €268 €318
School of Health Science
Code Course Deposit Registration Total
4211 ELC – Level 5 Certificate in Early Learning and Care €50 €246 €296
4221 Early Childhood Care and Education Level 6 €50 €174 €224
4511 Health Service Skills €50 €263 €313
4512 Community Health Services €50 €261 €311
4521 Health Services Supervisory Management €50 €174 €224
4321 Pre-University Physiotherapy €50 €439 €489
4111 Pre-University Science €50 €274 €324
4113 Forensic Science €50 €414 €464
4114 Human Health Performance €50 €439 €489
School of Sports
Code Course Deposit Registration Total
6311 Sports and Leisure Management €50 €559 €609
6315 Exercise, Wellbeing and Holistic Studies €50 €664 €714
6313 Sports and Leisure Management - Soccer €50 €700 €750
6321 Exercise, Health, Fitness and Personal Training €50 €1,184 €1,234
6316 Irish Dancing, Exercise and Fitness €50 €406 €456

In the PLC area charges are made for the following:

Additional Information

 PLC Maintenance Grant

All PLC Applicants should note that they may be entitled to receive a PLC Maintenance Grant. Eligibility for such grants is means-tested by the ETB in which the Applicant resides and not by the College. The Maintenance Grant does not cover the costs of registration or examination fees. It is a Maintenance grant paid to eligible recipients on a monthly basis directly into their bank account. Information concerning PLC Maintenance Grants should be obtained from the local ETB of the applicant and not the college. VTOS candidates should note that in addition to receipt of Social Welfare Entitlements, there are no charges for books, or examination/ registration fees.

Applicants may also be eligible to receive a small travel and meal allowance. Eligibility to continue to receive social welfare payments whilst participating on a course of study at Coláiste Íde is determined by the Department of Social Community and Family Affairs and not the college.

 Back to Education Allowance Scheme (BTEA) 

Applicants returning to education under the Back to Education Allowance Scheme (BTEA) continue to receive their Social Welfare Entitlements from Department of Social Community and Family Affairs as usual but they must pay for their own books, examination/registration fees similar to the PLC applicant. On confirmation of their BTEA status from Department of Social Community and Family Affairs the students may receive meal and travel allowances.

 Medical Card Holders

If you hold a valid medical card you are eligible to have FETAC fees refunded. In order to have fees refunded you must present a copy of your medical card and a copy of your student ID to the Examinations Secretary, Ms. Jean FitzGerald. Fees will be refunded in due course.

Further Information

Further information and full details on the charges relating to a particular course are available from:

Sinead Walsh, 
Admissions Officer,
Telephone: 01 844 3235
Email :

Places on our fulltime PLC programmes are available free of charge to VTOS applicants

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