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Disability Awareness Week 2022

Disability Awareness Week Schedule Feb 14th- Feb 18th 2022

CDETB have organised a calendar of events that will link you to sessions organised as part of the CDETB Disability Awareness week for 2022. This is our first one ever and has been organised by a group of staff from our FET colleges. We welcome learners from across the entire organisation to the sessions. Afterall, inclusion is everyone's business! So bring a coffee and a friend and enjoy the week!

Sessions that you can register include:

Open Doors Initiative- Your Journey to Employment for people with disabilities in Ireland
Monday 14th February 2pm-3pm

Open Doors Initiative provides opportunities to some of the marginalised members of our society. They create pathways to work through training, education and employment. Some of the people they work with include: Refugee, asylum seekers and non-native English speakers; Young people under 25 with educational barriers; People with a disability.

Facilitator: Claire from Open Doors Initiative
Register directly at

Disability, Inclusion, and Anxiety
Tuesday 15th February 10am-11am

Guidance for a few, guidance for some or guidance for all? Developing myself, developing my learning and developing my career path – Guidance Counsellor

Facilitator: Anne Marie Lyons (Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Guidance Counsellor)
Register directly at

Vocational Training and Disability
Tuesday 15th February 1pm-2pm

Anne Unfried and colleagues from Euro BBW which is affiliated to the German Red Cross will give an overview of Topia , a virtual learning world they have developed. Information will be provided on the situation for people with disabilities in Germany, their options for vocational rehabilitation and training and the German dual system of VET’. You'll explore this virtual world in real time, and it will be avialbel to access for 4 weeks after the event.

Facilitators: Anne Unfried and colleagues from Euro BBW
No registration necessary.
Log on directly at
You will be brought into a Virtual World; a world you are free to come back to and explore for 4 weeks after this session

Championing Autistic People
Wednesday 16th February 10am-11am

Cait from Gheel and Paul Byrne from the National Learning Network will talk about working with students on the spectrum, what supports can be put in place to help the student navigate through the challenges of the classroom and the world beyond the classroom. Paul (NLN) and Jennifer Lynch from Marino College of Further Education will also discuss how the students from both colleges worked collaboratively together in the past.  In Gheel, autism is not seen as something that is broken and needs to be fixed or treated. Autism is seen as a different way of being that should be understood and embraced. Gheel’s vision is to have inclusive communities where autistic people are valued and have meaningful opportunities to design their own future in Ireland.

Facilitator: Cait from Gheel, Jennifer Lynch (Marino CFE) and Paul Byrne (NLN)
Register directly at

Understanding Dyslexia
Wednesday 16th February 2pm-3pm

This webinar aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of Dyslexia, to recognise how it presents and impacts individuals which helps ensure equity and equality. This session is relevant for and open to all staff and learners across the organisation.

Facilitators: Dyslexia Association Ireland: Caoimhe O’ Malley, Senior Adult Dyslexia Coordinator and Leah de Lacey, Adult Dyslexia Coordinator
Register directly at

CDETB Learner Panel
Thursday 17th February 10am-11am

The Student Voice- Studying in Further Education with a disability and strategies to get through it. In conversation with learners in FET colleges, Denise and Nicola will chat with our learners and find out more about their experiences of education.

Facilitators: Denise O’Connor, Nicola Glennon (CDCFE) and learners
Register directly at

The Disability Support Service in CDETB FET Colleges
Friday 18th February 10am-11am

This session aims to provide participants with an overview of the DSS which is in operation in 8 of our FET colleges. Eileen Daly and Aine Nally from the Disability Support Service will guide you through what they do, what difference they make, and how they can support both staff and students. It is open to and relevant for all staff and students.

Facilitators: Disability Support Service Aine Nally and Eileen Daly
Register directly at

Living with a visible and an invisible disability
Friday 18th February 1pm-2pm

James Rickard will discuss the importance of advocacy and inclusion in the classroom and in wider society. James will also discuss his experience of living with a disability and share a few nuggets of wisdom he has learned along the way. 

Desmond is a former FET student. He has written many poems and articles. One of his poems entitled “living in a non-autistic world” has been published by the Simon community. Desmond will discuss his experiences of FET and living in a non-autistic world 

Facilitators: James Rickard and Desmond Murphy 
Register directly at

You can view all of this information and schedule at as well.

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