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IPB Pride of Place 2015

IPB Pride of Place 2015 is an all-island competition that acknowledges the work that communities are doing all over the island of Ireland.

The Open Learning Centre Colaiste Ide CFE are very proud to play a very small part in this tremendous Centre.

The competition focus is about people coming together to shape, change and improve daily lives in their communities.

Winner: Clareville Centre, Dublin City

The Silver Surfers Project commenced in 2004 our aim was to bring education to the hearth of the community this was achieved with the cooperation of Department of Social and Family Affairs, CDETB, HSC. Our aim is to continue to work closely with Clareville in promoting educational opportunities to those who cannot avail of structured learning.

Fergus O’Rourke

Director Open Learning Centre

Colaiste Ide CFE

”Clareville Centre promotes physical, emotional and educational needs of the elderly from Clareville Court and surrounding areas, fostering independent living in the community.

The winning entry having captured the hearts and minds of the judges showed an excellent caring group of highly committed people from all walks of life. It demonstrated what the judges believe is a model of best practice in caring for the elderly in their own place. Here was shown the attention to all aspects of the older person’s needs in a dignified and high quality environment. The emphasis on detail and on the provision of real opportunities for care staff to develop their skills makes this project special.”

“The competition is about showing respect and inclusion for every sector in our communities, young, old, rich or poor and creating communities to which the people are proud to say they belong.”

Tom Dowling Chairman and Founder of the Pride of Place Initiative, has been the driving force behind the competition since it started in 2003.