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Colaiste Ide College of Further Education

Social Life

Colaiste Ide has a very active "student social life". These socials are a great way to meet other students. The college promotes all social, cultural and sporting activities.

Students are given the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills through their involvement in various College Activities such as Debating, Public Speaking, Short Story Writing and Fundraising for Charity. The annual Art and Fashion Exhibition is always a great success.

Colaiste Ide also runs many successful Clubs, Sports Events and Debating/ Public Speaking. The College promotes all social, cultural and sporting activities in which students may wish to participate. These activities are held under the auspices of the CDETB Sports and Cultural Council (SCC). Activities range from Irish Dancing, Drama, Short story writing, Art Competitions, Public Speaking, Inter-School Quiz, Soccer, Rugby, Athletics, Canoeing, Golf, Boxing, Hill Walking and many others.

Within the college social events are organised on a regular basis through the local SCC and they offer students an opportunity to involve themselves in the social dimension of life at Colaiste Ide. Why not get involved in some of these activities because without your involvement these clubs will not exist. If you would like to set up a club or society talk with your Student Representative council to set the wheels in motion!

These are some of the sports activities in which students are involved:

Many of the courses run in Colaiste Ide involve outings both in Ireland and abroad. These can be very beneficial to you because you get a chance to see the business world in operation and experience so many other aspects of the business or corporate world. In order for these outings to continue with the success they are known it is necessary for you to acknowledge the time given to organisation of such a trip and behave appropriately. For those of you under the age of 18 "Consent Forms" must be signed by parents before taking a trip. The college has established links with similar colleges abroad notably in Hungary (Budapest). Such exchange links are funded with the assistance of Leargas the National Youth Exchange Bureau and do provide the opportunity to travel, share knowledge and experiences with students studying similar programmes in other countries

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