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Colaiste Ide College of Further Education


Diane Dempsey - Childcare

I returned to education to study Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) as part of a Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) in Colaiste Ide. From the onset, the support and encouragement that I received from the teachers in the college whilst studying for my Quality Qualifications of Ireland (QQI) Level 5 & 6 was second to none. Throughout my two years, the teachers in Colaiste Ide were invaluable in motivating me to learn and their dedication and belief in me helped to build my confidence as a student which in turn inspired me to apply for a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Jessica O’ Driscoll - Childcare

My name is Jessica O’ Driscoll and I am a Level 6 Childcare student in class 9421. The reason I choose to study this course was because I have previously completed a Childcare Level 5 Early Childhood Education course in Colaiste Ide Finglas. 

I have always had an interested in all the modules the course had to offer. While I also want to further my knowledge in the area of Childcare. At present I am studying Work Experience, Creative Studies for Special Needs, Child Development, Early Childhood Curriculum, Personal and Professional Development, Early Childhood Arts & Culture.
The main reason why I decided that I would enrol in this course was so I could gain an understanding of all the relevant and necessary Child Protection Policies and Skills Demonstrations relevant to the Child Care Sector. Additionally, I would be more equipped to take care of my younger family members. One of the subject that I find most interesting in the given course is Creative Studies for Special Needs. I find this class to be so interesting as not only is the class theory based, but there is a hands on element where Drama Activities are carried out.

I started my time in Colaiste Ide in September 2017 and will be finishing up in May 2019. I absolutely loved every single second of my time here in the college. I will definitely miss arriving into the college each morning being greeted by the staff in the Leisure Point as I walk through the gym each morning after parking my car. All throughout the college year there does be many events on such as “Health Promotion Week”. During events like that all students and staff are encouraged to come down to the canteen and participate in the many activities that are being held as part of the event.

There were a few times during the year where I felt very stressed with all of the assignment and felt like giving up. But the support system in Colaiste Ide Finglas is amazing there are so many resources with the college from Ann in the Study Skills room to Viviane in the guidance counsellor’s office. All of the teachers around the college are also an amazing support system for all of the students in the college with all of them being warm and welcoming ready to listen when you need or want to talk to them.

When I graduate my current Level 6 mod at the end of May 2019 I will hopefully enter the working force of the ECCE sector in the role of a Youth Advocate for the organisation YAP Ireland. Within this role I will be able to work alongside children in my local area assisting them with progressing further in the Education. 

Philip Mc Donald - Past Student ( Mature ) of Community Health Services (Level 5)

"I got a chance to do a basic computer course. From completing this course my Counsellor offered me a chance to come to Colaiste Ide College of Further Education.  At first I completed an education course called Explore Learning this was just two days a week, my tutor informed me of Social Care BTEI Level 4 part time course. This Social Care Course was three days a week, at the time I was not confident. However, with the help and educational support from the teaching staff they convinced me that I was well capable. I would like to stress there was times that I felt I was not up to the pressure and stress of college. There were times I felt like walking out but once I talked to my teachers they were there to support and guide me through my educational worries. As I look back I would not change a thing today it has helped me as a person and I am today giving something back to my community as Healthcare Assistant. This is PRICELESS. 

I completed this Social Care Level 4 course with good results and my confidence increased.  

I then applied for Community Health Services VTOS Level 5. This was a full-time course, which covered areas included; Care Skills, Care of the Older Person, Understanding Special Needs and Infection Prevention. I completed this course with good results and today I work as a Healthcare Assistant [H.C.A.] and a Personal Assistant [P.A.] to a client with Special Needs.

The job I do today is a rewarding job. I would like to say without the support from the teachers from Colaiste Ide I don’t think this would have happened. 

They are a credit to the educational system."

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Places on our fulltime PLC programmes are available free of charge to VTOS applicants

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