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Pre-University Art Workshop

Students from the Level-5 Pre-University Art course produced some great work across two workshops this month.

Students of Coláiste Íde’s Pre-University Art Portfolio Preparation Level-5 course were treated to a two-day workshop, led by college alumna Barbara Healy.  Having graduated form Coláiste Íde, Barbara went on to complete a 3-year degree in Fine Art Painting at the prestigious NCAD (National College of Art and Design). 
Earlier this month, Barbara very graciously took time out from her busy study schedule (she’s currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Painting at NCAD) to conduct the workshop, designed to assist current students to prepare for their own college submissions later this year.

The workshop, which focused on paint application and research methodologies, saw each student complete an incredible 32 paintings in a single day.

Additionally, this week the students got to grips with sculpture in a day-long workshop conducted by Vivienne Handsley from NCAD.