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Colaiste Ide College of Further Education


 David O’Driscoll - Past Physiotherapy Student



Joining Coláiste Íde was the right decision for me. I missed a place on Carlow’s Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy by 5 points. I had no ambition to become a physiotherapist or move to a different country. I found the emphasis that was put on team leadership and the holistic approach in Coláiste Íde is helpful when working with patients. One year later I am studying Physiotherapy in Queen Margaret’s University, Edinburgh. I am loving my time in Scotland.


 Ciarán Lowe - Past Physiotherapy Student

I began in Coláiste Íde in 2016 and 1 year later I am in Holland studying Physiotherapy. Anatomy, massage and bio-mechanics were my favourite subjects to study and I use these subjects every day. Many thanks to the teachers in Coláiste Íde who helped me gain a position at Hanze, one of the top universities in the Netherlands. My Coláiste Íde experience was life changing. It gave me a chance to follow my dream even though my leaving cert didn’t go to plan.

 Sarah Toner - Past Physiotherapy Student

I am a first year physiotherapy student in Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Netherlands. When I was doing my Leaving Certificate, I heard about Coláiste Íde. Without the Pre-University Physiotherapy course, I wouldn’t be where I am now. The course gave me a good background and insight in to physiotherapy and I met some great people on the way, one is living across the hall from me now. If you want to study physiotherapy and you are worried about the points or if you are unsure is it the career for you, just go to Coláiste Íde.

 Shannon Byrne - Past Physiotherapy Student

After I finished Coláiste Íde Physiotherapy course, I took a year out to work and compete in dancing. I don’t want to leave Ireland to study abroad, so it is great to be accepted in to the second year, at Portobella Institiute in Dublin, to study Sports Therapy. Because of my Level 6 in Colásite Íde I got advanced entry. I will have an honours degree in two years time, and then go on to Queen Margaret’s, Scotland to do my Masters in Physiotherapy.

 Ryan Ward - Past Physiotherapy Student

I believe this course in Coláiste Íde is a window of opportunity and one that deserves a lot of recognition. At the beginning of the Pre-Physiotherapy course it was all just a dream. Following a lot of hard work and putting the head down to achieve the results I needed to go abroad, I managed to secure a place In Hanze Univeristy of Applied Science in Groningen, a small city in the north of the Netherlands.  Hanze itself is outstanding and ranked one of the best in Europe due to their ability to combine theory and practical. This gives you amazing hands on experience.  Right now, I am in my 1st year of Physiotherapy in the Netherlands and have not looked back since. The culture, student lifestyle and very high level of education you receive here is second to none. It is an opportunity that Coláiste Íde gave me.

 Kate Lynch - Past Physiotherapy Student

I just missed out on the sport science and health course in ITT by a couple of points. At the time I was devastated. I am now attending ITT Sports Science and Health and I love it. Going to Coláiste Íde was one of the best decisions I made. It prepared me for college as I had assignments due every week and it also gave me a head start in the modules chemistry, biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, health promotion, and sports psychology.  After I get my degree in Sports Science, I can further my studies and do a masters in physiotherapy.

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When I finished my Leaving Certificate in June 2016, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and my exam results weren’t enough to get me into a university. I chose to apply to Colaiste Ide due to the high praise I had heard about it, and was accepted into the Level 5 Laboratory Techniques course taught there. Just before Christmas, I received the chance to be taught extra modules by my tutor to give me a chance of a place in Veterinary Nursing, in UCD. I was delighted with this kind opportunity. Also, I did two weeks of work experience in a veterinary clinic, which was a fantastic practical element of my course implemented by Colaiste Ide. I graduated in May 2017 with eleven distinctions and in August, was offered a place in Veterinary Nursing in UCD. 

There was not a direct route to this degree from the Level 5 award I had earned, and so it was only with the help of the fantastic staff in Colaiste Ide, in particular my class tutor, that it was made possible for me. I would very highly recommend Colaiste Ide to anyone, especially those wishing to progress to University who didn’t achieve highly in the Leaving Cert. This college and the amazing people working there have shown me through hard work and creativity, anything is possible.  

Laura Hartnett - Past Pre-University Science Student

My name is Laura Hartnett. I got 490 points in my leaving cert and I’m currently studying general science in Trinity College.

While as a student in Colaiste Ide I attended the Pre-University Science course which was very important to me and I would recommend it to anyone considering doing science, whether you get the points for your course or not.

It’s a very comfortable, relaxed environment which makes it easy to communicate with teachers and ask questions or get help. The classes were relatively small, which was much better than the 30 student classrooms I was used to in school. The atmosphere was so relaxed, and it was so easy to talk to everyone in the class. There were much less groups and cliques than I had in school, which made for a better learning environment as you don’t feel intimidated or embarrassed about speaking up to ask a question or simply say you don’t understand something.

The course covered a broad range of subjects which prepares you for university, even if you don’t expect them to. All the biology modules and chemistry really make you feel comfortable in a lab, and you learn techniques you don’t get in school so the unilab isn’t terrifying when you first walk in.

I first thought spreadsheets was fairly pointless for science, but when I was doing maths and physics in Trinity we used it all the time for tables, graphs and data collection and having spent a year doing a module using solely spreadsheets I was at an advantage. You really do use the tricks you learn and being very familiar with spreadsheets makes the world of difference when you’re rushing to do up a graph at the end of a lab session.

The topics taught in all the subjects (mainly Biology and Maths) are a good introduction to university science, and don’t cover much more than the leaving cert so it’s at a comfortable level. In fact I used my maths notes from Colaiste Ide instead of the ones I got from my lecturer and the same for some of my biology notes.

But for me, the best thing I got out of the course wasn’t just the course content, but the experiences I gained and the friends I made. When I entered the course I was a very quiet and shy person, and while I am still quiet I have noticed a significant difference in my confidence.

I think you spend so long in school simply doing what you’re told and learning what you’re told that you never really get a chance to explore what you’re learning or ask questions which might veer off exam type questions.

In the course I felt comfortable asking questions just for the sake of knowing and interest as opposed to asking because it was on an exam, and I thought the teachers were more than happy to indulge your curiosity. In the labs we were taught to be confident and not to be afraid to do things wrong, while still being taught strict lab safety techniques.

While some of the labs weren’t too interesting, we did get to do some fun stuff like growing microbes from home on agar and attempting to make hand warmers.

I can’t express how important the year was for me mentally. I was so stressed in the leaving cert years, so much pressure on just 7 exams. When I didn’t get the course I wanted in Trinity, I seriously considered repeating the leaving cert. I can’t remember what made me decide to do a FET course instead, but I’ve never regretted that decision.

The year was so much less stressful, and I think the extra year made me more prepared for university. If I’m honest, I’m even glad I didn’t get my course first time around because I’d have been so nervous straight out of school.

I gained a sense of independence and maturity in one short year and I don’t think I’d have made it through first year of Trinity Science without it.

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